Types of Serial Killers



Serial Killer Types

It may be impossible to fully categorize and understand any serial killer, but it is possible to review their methods and practices to better define what type of criminal they are. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has defined three distinct types of serial killers based on the way they carry out their murders. Understanding which category a serial killer falls into can make it easier to investigate their crimes and how to bring them to justice.

The Medical Killer
Although this type of killer is very rare, there have been some people who have become involved in the medical industry as a way to carry out their nefarious deeds. This type of killer feels they have the perfect cover because it is very common for people in a hospital to pass away. They are usually highly intelligent and know how to carefully and cleverly conceal their murders. As long as it appears that a victim has died a natural death, there will be no reason for anyone to suspect foul play and search for the guilty party. A few doctors in history have managed to kill dozens of people before others began to catch on.

The Organized Killer
This type of serial killer is the most difficult to identify and capture. They are usually highly intelligent and well organized to the point of being meticulous. Every detail of the crime is planned out well in advance, and the killer takes every precaution to make sure they leave no incriminating evidence behind. It is common for this type of psychopath to watch potential victims for several days to find someone they consider to be a good target. Once the victim is chosen, the killer will pick them up, often through some sort of ploy designed to gain their sympathy, and take them to another location to commit the murder. Once the person has been killed, the perpetrator will usually take precautions to ensure the body is not found … until they want it to be. A criminal like this usually takes great pride in what they consider to be their “work” and have a tendency to pay close attention to news stories about their deeds. One of their motivating factors may be just to attempt to stump the law enforcement officers who are trying to solve their crime.

The Disorganized Killer
These individuals rarely plan out the deaths of their victims in any way. Most often, the people they kill just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This type of serial killer appears to strike at random whenever an opportunity arises. They take no steps to cover up any signs of their crime, and tend to move to different towns or even states regularly to avoid being captured. Disorganized killers usually have low IQ’s and are extremely antisocial. They rarely have close friends or family, and do not like to stay in one place for too long. These killers are prone to have no recollection of their deeds, or to confess that they were motivated by voices in their heads or some other imaginary source.

Florida executes Jerry Correll for killing daughter, ex-wife, and 2 relatives

Fare Thee Well


Jerry Correll, who was convicted of brutally killing his young daughter, his ex-wife, and her mother and sister, was executed at a prison in Florida on late Thursday, state officials say.

Correll, 59, was pronounced dead at 7:36 p.m. ET after receiving a lethal injection at the Florida State Prison in Railford. He gave no final statement.

Correll was convicted of killing his 5-year-old daughter Tuesday, his ex-wife Susan, Susan’s mother Mary Lou Hines, and Susan’s sister Marybeth Jones on June 30, 1985, at the Orlando home of Mary Lou Hines. All of the victims had been stabbed multiple times and died from massive hemorrhaging caused by the knife wounds; the 3 women were stabbed at least 14 times each, and Tuesday was stabbed 10 times.

Correll had been in a violent and abusive relationship with Susan, and several bloody fingerprints and palm prints which were found at the murder scene were a match with Correll. Other physical evidence also linked Correll to the murder scene, which resulted in a conviction on four counts of Murder in the First Degree.

In a written statement, the family of the victims said: “We are at peace in knowing justice has finally been served. We say this without vengeance in our hearts, but with the belief that there should be proper consequences for the actions of each and every individual. Jerry Correll chose to take the lives of four beautiful, innocent people on June 30th, 1985. People who are still loved and missed by their family and friends 30 years later. The consequences of those actions should be no less than death itself. It has taken a long time for his punishment to be fulfilled, but we have chosen to use that time to heal and move forward.”

Article From BNO News

Execution Day for Jerry Correll

Good Riddance Jerry Correll

Is that horrible for me to say? Maybe. But what is also horrible is the delay for justice that Mary Lou Hines, Mary Beth Jones, Susan Correll, Tuesday Correll and the family deserved so long ago. However, today I will not complain. Today, I will reflect on my little 5 year old friend, Tuesday. She enjoyed singing, liked scratch and sniff stickers and loved her mommy. I wish she could have met my kids and I, hers. I missed her at graduation. I would have chosen her to be my maid of honor at my wedding. I miss my friend. I know I will find her in Heaven singing with the angels. Fly away home baby girl…into the loving arms of God.


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The Killer’s Girlfriend



Who Was Bernice Bowen? More Importantly, Who is She Now?

Those are just a few of many questions I will explore in this 3 part feature titled: Bernice Bowen In-depth.

As Bernice Bowen’s release date approaches, I find myself wondering who she really was and who is she today? Most of you probably recognize the name Hank Earl Carr but what is really known about her? Living close to Tampa, where this crime occurred, I knew the basic story…Carr kills Bowen’s son, 2 detectives, a state trooper, takes a pregnant woman hostage and then kills himself. You can read about it here in my previous post. So, how does Bernice get charged in the murders?

According to law enforcement, Hank Earl Carr and Bernice Bowen lied about his true identity. They both told police that his name was Joseph Bennett. The real Joseph Bennett was Bowen’s ex-husband and Joey and Kayla’s father. He didn’t have a rap sheet, something that Carr had plenty of. Carr had an outstanding warrant for trafficking marijuana in the state of Ohio and vowed never to go back to jail. He was known to carry a handcuff key around his neck. Why did that matter? Because, affording to police, had they known they were dealing with a violent, wanted felon they would have handled him with extra precaution, thereby preventing the cascade of horrific events that occurred.

While Carr was committing the homicides, Bowen was at police headquarters being interrogated about the death of her four-year old son Joey. Colleges of the slain officers claim that they informed her of the murders and begged her to reveal Carr’s true identity but that she adamantly maintained that his name was Joseph Bennett. It was only after he’d killed her son and 3 police officers that Bowen finally offered up the name Hank Earl Carr. In the eyes of the law, failing to reveal his identity, lying about his identity and failing to report that Carr carried a handcuff key, made Bernice Bowen an accessory after the fact to the 4 murders and an accessory after the fact to Carr’s escape from custody.

Please come back next week as I look at the many red flags Bernice Bowen missed.

In the meantime, here is a letter Bowen wrote to the newspaper shortly after her arrest.

Letter From Bowen to Tampa Bay Times

True Crime Documentaries – Have you seen it?


What Are You Dying To Watch?

Crime Documentaries tell different sides of different stories; they uncover facets of crimes you might not have otherwise known existed. They spark debates and make you think. By turns, they are disturbing and moving, but they are all intriguing. Take this quiz and see if you have missed any of the most provocative true crime documentaries.
True Crime Documentaries – Have you seen it?.

Know Your Killer

Murder Mystery Fotolia_39473403_S_4-1

Do you know who The Granny Killer is? Or, which serial murderer was forced to go to school dressed as a girl? Test your knowledge on Serial Killers and let me know how you did.


  • He had intercourse with his wife six times today.
  • His biological father may well have been his grandfather.
  • His mother discipline him when he was a child by placing his hand on a hot stove.
  • He cooked and ate a ten-year-old girl over a nine-day period.
  • He ground up his mother’s voice box in a garbage disposal.
  • He had a partner in serial murder.
  • His mother dressed to miss a girl when he went to school.
  • He probably killed John Walsh’s son Adam.
  • He turned back from a planned murder spree on Long Island because of a thunderstorm.


    1. 1. Richard Ramirez                                     A. Shoe-Fetish Slayer
    2. 2. Jerry Brudos                                            B. Hillside Strangler
    3. 3. Richard Trenton Chase                         C. Freeway Killer
    4. 4. Arthur Shawcross                                  D. BTK Killer
    5. 5. Ed Gein                                                     E. Son of Sam
    6. 6. Edmund Kemper                                    F. Night Stalker
    7. 7. Dennis Rader                                          G. Genesee River Killer
    8. 8. William Bonin                                       H. Vampire of Sacramento
    9. 9. Kenneth Bianchi                                    I. Plainfield Butcher
    10. 10. David Berkowitz                                  J. Coed Killer


Name That Serial Killer
1. Albert DeSalvo 2. Ted Bundy 3. Ken Bianchi 4. Albert Fish 5. Edmund Kemper 6. Henry Lee Lucas 7. Henry Lee Lucas 8. Otis Toole 9. David Berkowitz

Match The Killer With Their Nicknames
1-F, 2-A, 3-H, 4-G, 5-I, 6-J, 7-D, 8-C, 9-B, 10-E

To God Be the Glory

I’m so greatful. I stayed away from the blog yesterday because I had to process all the things I was feeling regarding the execution of the monster who took precious people from so many. As I said before, I’ve looked for the family. Today I logged on and God gave me so much. Thank you to everyone who responded. I will respond to each of you. Ì want you all to know how important it is to me to respect your wishes for privacy. If you want any comments removed, please tell me and I will do so. If you want to correspond privately, you have my word. My loyalty is to you. My cup runneth over!

Poll: Killer Kids

At what age should a juvenile charged with murder be tried as an adult? 

I don’t want to cloud your answer by discussing one particular case so feel free to leave any further thoughts or opinions in the comments. 

Murdered by Son-in-Law/Lover in Suicide Pact

Matthew Hodgkinson left, Scott Rogers right
Mathew Hodgkinson left, Scott Rogers right

To Be A Fly On The Wall

We all, to some extent, are nosey. Some more than others. I, personally, am quite nosey. Not to the extent that I would meddle but I admit, I enjoy hearing some juicy gossip. This story has it all, sex, murder, fame, and juice from the grapevine. It will make you consider how your secrets will be received after your death.

Newspaper headlines declared “Local Celebrity Killed by Gay Lover, His Son-in-law.”

Scott Rogers came to America from England and was embraced by the community of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was a beloved host of a weekend talk show called Around Town and was very active in the community. He was often praised for using airtime to benefit local charities and churches. Rogers himself became a minister and opened his own church. United States District Judge Frank Polozola and Chamber of Commerce board member B.J. Militello are among the many who called him friend. A 2011 Louisiana Senate Resolution took three pages to list his good deeds and he even moderated a 2010 lieutenant governor debate.

So when the news broke that the 52 year old was shot and killed by his son-in-law and long time lover, Matthew Hodgkinson, who then took his own life, Rogers adopted hometown was stunned. What they didn’t know was they had barely scratched the surface of his secret, dark identity.

Authorities say this murder-suicide was actually a pact between Scott Rogers and Matthew Hodgkinson. Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi said the marriage between Rogers daughter and Hodgkinson was an immigration sham that occurred 15 years ago in order to make Hodgkinson a U.S citizen. Scott Rogers and his daughter immigrated from the United Kingdom to the United States in 1996.

The hits just keep coming to the neighbors who thought they “knew” Mr. Rogers. Scott Rogers was really Richard Scott Rogers and had omitted his first name when applying for citizenship but no one caught on to the fraudulent documents. Lucky for him because Rogers had been accused in 1993 of child molestation involving a 13 year old boy. He was tried and acquitted but the accusation ended his career as a dance teacher. But a change in continents would not change his luck. Even with all the good deeds he spread through the community of Baton Rouge, the dark cloud of his past loomed over him.

Less than two weeks before Rogers death, a state agency took custody of two children living in Roger’s home. Rogers had a 10 year old adopted son, and was in the process of adopting a two year old boy. The Department of Children and Families were dependent on the background check done by immigration officials in 1996 when Rogers citizenship was approved, making him a suitable candidate for adoption.  The problem was because he lied about his name, those records were fraudulent and failed to alert any agency of his past.

Rogers had created a flawless personna but behind the scenes authorities say a tip had been called in prompting an investigation by the Department of Children and Families. Thus a murder suicide pact was born. A suicide note left by Hodgkinson gave motive behind the pact. It read in part, “They broke our happy, loving home. They do not get to take Scott too.” The finger prints of both of the men were found on the gun. The Sheriff believes Rogers persuaded Hodgkinson to kill him and then commit suicide.

There was one secret Rogers would take to his grave. The day he died, a federal jury was scheduled to hear testimony in an investigation, the details of which, will remain a mystery. U.S. Attorney J. Walter Green confirmed federal investigators have been looking into Rogers but would not say why. “The federal investigation closed the day he died he said,” he said.  His daughter has not commented on her father’s death and friends and colleagues are torn between grieving for the man they knew and shock and disbelief for the man they didn’t know.

What Does a Serial Killer Look Like?


What Does a Serial Killer Look Like? 

A Series

What is a serial killer? What does one look like? How does a person become a serial killer? Are there any in my town? How would I know that someone is a serial killer? How should I protect myself? Anybody who is familiar with the likes of Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez (a.k.a. The Night Stalker), Aileen Wournous, or any serial killer who has become infamous through the media, has asked themselves those questions. If they haven’t, they should. Something as terrifying as a “serial killer” can look entirely different once you familiarize yourself with the facts. That is what I hope to do in this series. I hope to answer all of those questions as I begin to show you…What A Serial Killer Looks Like.

A Serial Killer Is…The FBI defines a serial killer as a person, or persons as they have worked in pairs etc., who has killed at least 2 people, in separate incidents, with a period of time in between murders. The amount of time between killings, also described as a “cooing-off” period, is what separates mass murderers and spree killers from serial killers. The number of victims killed has changed from 3 or more murders to 2. This was done so that resources needed in an investigation could be called upon more quickly if it is suspected a serial killer is at work.


Killer Quotes

Out Of The Mouths Of…Killers
Number of murders in parentheses

“They were sinners. I was doing God’s work.”
Eddie Seda, New York City’s Zodiac Killer  (3)

“If I knew the true, real reasons why this all started, before it ever did, I wouldn’t probably have done any of it.”
Jeffrey Dahmer  (7)

“There’s been 11 hardback books on me, 31 paperbacks, 2 screenplays, 1 movie, 1 off-Broadway play, 5 songs, and over 5,000 articles. What can I say about it? I have no ego for any of this garbage. ”
John Wayne Gary (33)

“We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren’t afraid control life itself.”
Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker  (16+)

“If you shoot someone in the head with a .45 every time, it becomes like your fingerprint, see? But if you  strangle one, stab another, and one you cut up, and one you don’t, then the police don’t know what to do. They think you’re four different people. What they really want, what makes their job so much easier, is pattern. What they call a modus operandi. That’s Latin.”
Henry Lee Lucas  (convicted of 3, confessed to 3,000)

Closure is B.S.